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The mission of the Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank (GMVLB) is to address vacant, abandoned and blighted properties located within the otherwise picturesque Mohawk Valley region. Local governments alone do not have sufficient resources or tools by which to identify, stabilize, rehabilitate and resell such properties, nor to undertake the process of deconstruction of those buildings that are beyond reasonable repair. The GMVLB would act in conjunction with Foreclosing Governmental Units (FGUs), other municipalities, and non-profit groups across the Six-Counties, to leverage all available resources to revitalize the region’s built environment, thereby making it more attractive to new development and investment.

Greater Mohawk Valley Land Bank, Inc.

Established 2016

500 East Main Street, 2nd Floor

PO Box 53

Little Falls, NY 13365


Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Do you know of or own a property that the land bank might be interested in? 

   Fill out and submit our property intake form to

To report a "zombie" property, click the button below.


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